I really like the big bed [70” by 60”] on the Mahindra 750L. I debated a while whether to go for a model with the dump feature [Mahindra's electric power box lift, standard on models with a regular-length bed], but I decided having the length would serve me better. I have not been disappointed with my choice at all. When I'm out fixing fences, I can put 6-foot fence posts right in the bed along with a big box of fencing tools and a chainsaw, and I still have room for more. The roominess of the bed allows me to use the Mahindra to do jobs like putting out feed for the cattle. It saves a lot of wear and tear on my pickup. Now, about the only time I drive my pickup is when I have to get out on the highway. I even got a roof, windshield and rearview mirror for the XTV. The hauling and towing capacity of the Mahindra were both important to me. I have a welder I may tow with it, and I'm fixing to get a wood splitter. We had some logging done here, and I can pull right into the woods with the Mahindra and not have to back the timber out on a tractor bucket. The acceleration on the Mahindra is a lot more like the acceleration on a car than it is on competing brands. It's much easier to maintain your speed and go at the speed you want to go than it was on the Yamaha Rhino I used to use on my job.
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Wednesday, March 2, 2016
Hirsch Feed and Farm Supply
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Caulfield, MO
mPact XTV 750 L Gas