When I saw the XTV, I knew it was exactly what I needed for my property. I liked that the tilt bed was standard, because with other manufacturers that's an option. The tilt bed is really handy when we're trimming trees; it's like a little dump truck. We've hauled all kinds of things in it when we are working around the property – tools, brush, even a bucket load of dirt. One thing I like is that it's really powerful. I have a dirt pile that's really steep, probably a 70 percent grade. That XTV will walk right up it and never even change its rpm. The XTV has two hitches standard, a receiver in the front and the back, and that is a nice feature. I have a little 5-by-8 flatbed trailer I pull with the XTV. My wife loves it. The first day I had it, she operated it while we were trimming trees and she was like a dump truck operator. She didn't have any experience with it. I just showed her how to put it in gear, what button to push, and that was it.
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Friday, February 5, 2016
Brothers Outdoor Power
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mPact XTV 1000 S Diesel Camo